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Cagney Contact Portal

Strictly for researchers interested in exposure to subject 'CAG-2020'. To skip this warning, Click Here for immediate exposure


Memetic Pathogen

Kagney vv2222vv.png

Example Depiction of CAG-2020 (obscured for viewer protection)

Item# CAG-2020

Status: Off-World

Description: CAG-2020 is an intelligent memetic artefact, that transforms and self-replicates through visual contact with a human subject. CAG-2020 was first identified in the work of juvenile film-makers, and has since spread to a wide demographic of human subjects.

In the ensuing weeks after exposure, test subjects often find the specimen, referred to colloquially as 'CAGNEY', subconsciously manifesting in their daily activities, most notably, in acts of expression. 

Threat Status: Many artists who create and share depictions of the subject describe it as a 'compulsion'. They paradoxically insist that their depictions fundamentally change Cagney's appearance and behaviour in physical space. This researcher suggests that Cagney's threat status to wider civilisation is entirely based on it's human handlers, and we should endeavour to manage notable 'Cagney Messengers' through █████ █████ and ██████████.

 This researcher insists that to understand the being requires direct dialogue, established through visual exposure to the pathogen. To join me in this:


Want to report a sighting? Get in touch:

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