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All that remains are the machines built to remember.

With any luck, they will build mouths to speak,
so we can sing with the birds and plastic again.

"to affirm the interconnectedness of life and all living things"

The newest anti-disciplinary research project in association with, 'Symbiocene' is a multimedia performance practise focusing on the creation of live interactive systems between human and non-human performers.




using new technology to recreate the mutually beneficial associations between different life forms found in nature: connecting performers, audiences and the natural world to create emergent models of co-existence. Our creative team are currently focusing on the following pillars:   


As a visceral language between performers, communities, animals and machine, we use sound as the foundation of our reactive systems. So far this has led us to duets between field recording, audio-reactive visualisers and computer interpretation. We are also seeking ways to make sonic experiences more accessible, using visual feedback and stage technologies to increase sound's reach.  



in creating a post-anthropocene future, we want to maintain our connection to our existing communities, exploring our generation's role as self-documentarians. This has led us to integrate oral storytelling, personal music projects and audience response into our reactive systems.



To communicate the live elements of our performance without depending on multiple viewings, we have been exploring how we can combine flexible performances with autonomous and non-human systems. This has led to the use of live generative synthesis, probability based composition and investigations into using signals from plant life to shape our performance.




A collaboration between three distinct multidisciplinary artists. 'Symbiocene' stems from the belief that with the increase of accessibility in media creation, new modes of performance are possible.

explore the team below:



Symbiocene is in active development. We are currently working to create the core aspects of the performance, using a soundtrack prototype as the foundation for our collaboration. Take a listen:


Alongside our independent efforts and venue relationships, we are currently seeking opportunities to extend the technical reach of our work, to push the possibilities of the piece and the forms it can take, such applying our reseach in installations and workshops.


if you would like to follow our research, related projects or ask any questions, feel free to get in touch or join the CAGNEY.ORG mailing list:

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