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Making a Cagney

A simple guide

Build A Cagney

All events have a time where audiences have a chance to co-create Cagney Content. For better or worse, this is Canon too! If you would be interested in having your work shown at one of our upcoming events, we’d be honoured to have you.

If you would be interested in creating work in relation to the Cagney experiment, we literally cannot stop you! If you would like assistance, as a multimedia project, we are always looking for collaborators and there is almost always something currently in the works that could do with another pair of hands. So, if you want to try out a new form, or open yourself up to new collaborators, we’d love to hear from you. Each voice negotiated and work organised on a case by-case basis, to suit the project and those involved.

In The Meantime:

As the project has grown, we realise that approaching it may feel daunting, so we have outlined a foolproof formula to creating your own Cagney Content today!

1. Look: any/all Cagney content, as well as anything that interests you: your favourite anime, instagram etc

2. Analyse: Consider any/all of the following:

What did this make you think about? What did it remind you of? What questions did it raise? Do you see something missing?

3. Reflect: what do you want to try today? This could be writing, drawing, free-forn Jazz etc. Don’t worry about a finished product just yet.

4. Combine: using the thoughts of step 2 with the ideas came up with in step 3, go! Set out some time you are able to put to this idea, and go with it. We’ve found it helps to think about where this art could be shown- is it a trailer? A fragment of a feature length movie? A Soundtrack to a Yoga class?

5. (optional) If you fancy, let us see/hear/experience it in whatever way works for you- tagging us in a social media post, sending it via private email or even showing it to us in person.

If you are interested, this could be featured in an event on it’s own, or even included in a larger project. All uses of your creations are treated on a case-by-case basis, explicitly with your permission, and unless you would rather stay anonymous, fully credited and included in our Hall of Fame.

The spice of life, and this project, is variety. Whatever level you consider your skills, if it’s Macaroni art or your life’s practise, the most important part is that it is exists, and we are thrilled to see any sign of Cagney!

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