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Journal of Captured subject, designated 'CAG-MES 2021'

The first official example of a human specimen infected by CAG-2020, Subject 1 appeared obsessed with depicting CAG-2020, reporting that they were directly communicating with the being. This is the only concrete evidence that CAG-2020 exists outside of the minds of 'Messengers'. The circumstances of their eventual escape required significant intervention from an unknown third party and information unavailable to subject 1.

In the leadup to their escape, they were provided with pens and paper by an unidentified orderly. Below are the notes and markings from subject 1 in the 24 hour period between receiving the materials and the subject's escape from captivity.

Entry 2: Infected subject surveillance 

Soon after escaping the facility, Subject 1, despite facing considerable risk of exposure and re-capture, released footage documenting their improbable escape. The video appears to be their attempt to explain the nature of CAG-2020. The video appears to degenerate to a stream of consciousness from a variety of sources. It is implied that this is how 'Cagney' uses messengers to communicate and adopt new personas.

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