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Roundhouse Photoshoot

 Producer, Graphic Designer The Roundhouse studios.

Collaborating with emerging photographers, a free studio session for emerging artists 18-25 in dialogue with the Roundhouse. Building on the Cagney brand and it's community. Created social media assets for artists and a promotional video available here:

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Nyika Mbiri

Videographer, Animator


Working with Poet and Performance artist Tatenda Matsvai to create an online experience, comissioned by ______. Combining live footage with digital animations. See an extract here

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BRR Media

Production executive (Live audiovisual engineer, Video post-production) 


Creating live-stream events for "many of the biggest and most high profile companies in Europe", specialising in Audio but fulfilling Camera and video-post production roles as well. 

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The Comoonity

Creative Director, Promoter, Tour De Moon


in partnership with the online division of 'Tour De Moon', creating a social media based experience, working with writers and visual artists to create an online fiction experience through the form of a forum, where audiences could participate. Available here

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Creative Director, visual artist


A series of multimedia projects working with a variety of disciplines and artists since 2017. Aiming to combine new media with community arts, has led to the creation of interactive games, jewellery and online experiences. See more here

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