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Below is a timeline of past Live meetings with Cagney since first contact.


Posthuman Symposium

With the aid of Forest Forge and The Posthuman Symposium, we experimented with new ways for large audiences to encounter and create Cagney, in a series of participatory rituals.

Cagney's Infinite Holiday Hallucination

To fill the void left by Michael Bublé, humanity got what they deserved with Cagney's infinite Holiday Hallucination livestream. This led a virtual adaption of Cagney's Space Game and a line of Christmas Cagneys, created by our audience


On Root Festival

Cagney's very first possession occurred in an event created by Georgia Crowther, hosted at Fusion Arts Center, Oxford. Cagney's role began as an installation, a debut for Cagney's Space game, created with Henry and Will Tribble. After possessing an assistant, Cagney asked the audience 'Who is Cagney?'. 

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