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From Galleries and Theatres to online communities, as a shape-shifting project, Cagney is built to help makers break into new spaces, slipping past gatekeepers and disciplinary boundaries. Through this, our makers can experiment with new forms and relationships with their work.


Cagney reveals projects through digital and analogue events, giving artists a chance to show and potentially monetise their work, as part of a larger exhibition or performance.


Making can be lonely. As a series of collaborations, makers are able to swap notes and fill in the blanks others leave. Albums turn into virtual experiences, graphic designs turn into 3D textures.


Fuelled by interactions that blur the line between creator and audience member, Cagney is a space to explore new forms of audience interaction and collective creation.

Anything else?

The Cagney project is always looking for ways to give artists better value for their work, and make it as accessible and attractive as possible for newcomers. So if you have any ideas, or requests for those involved in the project, we are all ears! Feel free to contact the page on instagram, or send an email to:

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