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  • Intro | Cagney Productions

    CAGNEY.ORG New Media. Community Arts. Get in Touch STORY Cagney is an extra-dimensional shape shifter, that reaches out to musicians, game makers, visual artists and members of the audience through live and digital events. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Cagney serves lifestyle products, wisdom and interactive experiences Find out More: Why Cagney Cagney Collection Meeting Cagney If you want to meet Cagney and the community, sign on to our mailing list below and get updates for released projects and upcoming events. follow us for callouts, or reach out to us to collaborate. Subscribe Form Submit Thanks for submitting! Why Cagney Cagney Collection Contact @Cagney2020 Home: Contact

  • Splash Page | Cagney Productions

    Meet Cagney The Comoonity Forum The Collection New Project: Symbiocene Journal of Captured Messenger

  • Join Us | Cagney Productions

    Making a Cagney A simple guide Build A Cagney All events have a time where audiences have a chance to co-create Cagney Content. For better or worse, this is Canon too! If you would be interested in having your work shown at one of our upcoming events, we’d be honoured to have you. If you would be interested in creating work in relation to the Cagney experiment, we literally cannot stop you! If you would like assistance, as a multimedia project, we are always looking for collaborators and there is almost always something currently in the works that could do with another pair of hands. So, if you want to try out a new form, or open yourself up to new collaborators, we’d love to hear from you. Each voice negotiated and work organised on a case by-case basis, to suit the project and those involved. In The Meantime: As the project has grown, we realise that approaching it may feel daunting, so we have outlined a foolproof formula to creating your own Cagney Content today! 1. Look: any/all Cagney content, as well as anything that interests you: your favourite anime, instagram etc 2. Analyse: Consider any/all of the following: What did this make you think about? What did it remind you of? What questions did it raise? Do you see something missing? 3. Reflect: what do you want to try today? This could be writing, drawing, free-forn Jazz etc. Don’t worry about a finished product just yet. 4. Combine: using the thoughts of step 2 with the ideas came up with in step 3, go! Set out some time you are able to put to this idea, and go with it. We’ve found it helps to think about where this art could be shown- is it a trailer? A fragment of a feature length movie? A Soundtrack to a Yoga class? 5. (optional) If you fancy, let us see/hear/experience it in whatever way works for you- tagging us in a social media post, sending it via private email or even showing it to us in person. If you are interested, this could be featured in an event on it’s own, or even included in a larger project. All uses of your creations are treated on a case-by-case basis, explicitly with your permission, and unless you would rather stay anonymous, fully credited and included in our Hall of Fame. The spice of life, and this project, is variety. Whatever level you consider your skills, if it’s Macaroni art or your life’s practise, the most important part is that it is exists, and we are thrilled to see any sign of Cagney! Read More

  • portfolio | Cagney Productions

    Joe Browning Click here for full CV Multimedia Artist, Composer, Sound Designer An interdisciplinary artist, sound designer and founder of Cagney 2020: a multimedia experiment synthesising digital technology with live community arts. Cagney has appeared in virtual installations, visual art and live performances, all aiming to re-purpose the tools of mass media to support collective creation. Joe is a composer and performer, creating for theatre productions and film across England and internationally, using original production and archival sound to explore media’s role in forming memory and identity. See more below: Installation Live Sonics Sound design and composition for Live performance, made in collaboration with directors and performers, using synthesis, archival media and original recordings. Visual Composition Sound design and composition for film.

  • Ricky the Itch | Cagney Productions

    Ricky the Itch ARC Stockton, Alphabetti Theatre "Ricky the Itch is a piece of queer solo performance that combines a youthful coming of age story, with gothic shanty town folk lore." Click here to the the audience reaction On the show: In our R+D phase (ricky and development), we started with sampling a lot from old horror movies and creating horrific sounds ourselves. The homemade stuff really stuck. We went through a lot of ideas in what to include, but we ended with the following key words: Grungy, folky, cartoonish. This show was given the space to grow organically in the end, with me and writer-director-performer Audrey Cook creating the piece as we went, riffing lines for villagers while Audrey explored the key ideas they wanted to tackle; exploring queer identity in relationship to horror and creatures, exploring how they related more to Disney’s villains, goblins and demons more than prince or princess charming. ​ I became the narrator, fusing Plankton (that one) and verbose announcers to create this campy companion to Ricky, these lines were recorded and fired via qlab. Aided with on-the-nose exposition and a variety of musical styles, sound became key in creating a cartoon-like pace in the 45 minute production, moving across all of Stockton and beyond while Ricky prowled around our set (a large Bin). This was my first use of AI- isolating vocals to remix pop songs into creepy renditions and cabaret appropriate intensities. Note on live recorded voicover: This is best done directed by the performer and director, so each line is tailored to the intentions of the performer. This may feel tough for the voicover artiste, but it means the performer is intimately aware of the appropriate delivery to elicit the correct voicover reaction, and the performer has it their way, rather than the other way around. Let’s Work Together Get in touch so we can start working together. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Moon Commoonity Messageboard

    To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Login / Sign up The Comoonity Public Message board and archive for Moon tenants Make a moon post Moon Archive Learn and discuss the history and future of the Comoonity, share facts and tell stories for future generations subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 9 Follow Moon Talk Isolated and alone on the Moon? Introduce yourself to the moon comoonity! Ask Questions and find answers! subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 50 Follow Moon Media Post your favourite Moontent here subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 22 Follow Introduction to the Commoonity Hello Everyone! welcome to the brand new forum for our little moon based family. Introduce yourself! subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 3 Follow Comoonity Care Welcome! This is our corner of the forum reserved for the artistic talent thriving in our Comoonity Care Home. subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 1 Follow New Posts lexpaneris Apr 17, 2023 I am trying a post a signal, direction saturn, there is a boombox there that i must retrieve, can i hitch a ride with any1. Side kick joins Moon Talk Like 0 comments 0 The Facilitator Jul 19, 2022 Comoonity Heating at 150%! Moon Talk We are proud to announce that with the power saved from reduced Oxygen capacity, our engineers have been able to divert power to central heating! Coldness of space Schmoldness of space! We are proud to report that 80% of current inhabited living areas are over 104 F! What a proud day for our community! That being said, increased temperatures are known to increase expenditure of water and calories, so we ask all proud mooners to limit movement as much as possible. This is to help conserve our bountiful resources in the coming days! to celebrate, moon recommended games are: 1. moonical statues 2. Sleeping moon Lions 3. staring contest 4. moon formation charades send us your gameplay and enjoy your warm day in the sun! All the best The Facilitator Like 1 comment 1 Planetary Poetry Jul 10, 2022 Tea Party Moon Talk Celebrating wellness and self-love through tea, with an array of decorations we made. Safe to say in these times of change, scones are gravity holding us securely to the ground. Like 1 0 comments 0 Forum - Frameless

  • Symbiocene | Cagney Productions

    Symbiocene All that remains are the machines built to remember. With any luck, they will build mouths to speak, so we can sing with the birds and plastic again. "to affirm the interconnectedness of life and all living things" The newest anti-disciplinary research project in association with, 'Symbiocene' is a multimedia performance practise focusing on the creation of live interactive systems between human and non-human performers. HOW symbiomimicry: using new technology to recreate the mutually beneficial associations between different life forms found in nature: connecting performers, audiences and the natural world to create emergent models of co-existence. Our creative team are currently focusing on the following pillars: Sound As a visceral language between performers, communities, animals and machine, we use sound as the foundation of our reactive systems. So far this has led us to duets between field recording, audio-reactive visualisers and computer interpretation. We are also seeking ways to make sonic experiences more accessible, using visual feedback and stage technologies to increase sound's reach. Archive in creating a post-anthropocene future, we want to maintain our connection to our existing communities, exploring our generation's role as self-documentarians. This has led us to integrate oral storytelling, personal music projects and audience response into our reactive systems. Liveness To communicate the live elements of our performance without depending on multiple viewings, we have been exploring how we can combine flexible performances with autonomous and non-human systems. This has led to the use of live generative synthesis, probability based composition and investigations into using signals from plant life to shape our performance. WHO sunbiocracy: A collaboration between three distinct multidisciplinary artists. 'Symbiocene' stems from the belief that with the increase of accessibility in media creation, new modes of performance are possible. explore the team below: To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. WHEN clairvoyance: Symbiocene is in active development. We are currently working to create the core aspects of the performance, using a s oundtrack prototype as the foundation for our collaboration. Take a listen: Alongside our independent efforts and venue relationships, we are currently seeking opportunities to extend the technical reach of our work, to push the possibilities of the piece and the forms it can take, such applying our reseach in installations and workshops. if you would like to follow our research, related projects or ask any questions, feel free to get in touch or join the CAGNEY.ORG mailing list: Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for submitting!

  • Why Cag | Cagney Productions

    Why? Bypass: From Galleries and Theatres to online communities, as a shape-shifting project, Cagney is built to help makers break into new spaces, slipping past gatekeepers and disciplinary boundaries. Through this, our makers can experiment with new forms and relationships with their work. Showcase: Cagney reveals projects through digital and analogue events, giving artists a chance to show and potentially monetise their work, as part of a larger exhibition or performance. Connect: Making can be lonely. As a series of collaborations, makers are able to swap notes and fill in the blanks others leave. Albums turn into virtual experiences, graphic designs turn into 3D textures. Experiment: Fuelled by interactions that blur the line between creator and audience member, Cagney is a space to explore new forms of audience interaction and collective creation. Anything else? The Cagney project is always looking for ways to give artists better value for their work, and make it as accessible and attractive as possible for newcomers. So if you have any ideas, or requests for those involved in the project, we are all ears! Feel free to contact the page on instagram, or send an email to: The Cagney Collection

  • Past sightings | Cagney Productions

    Sightings Below is a timeline of past Live meetings with Cagney since first contact. Posthuman Symposium With the aid of Forest Forge and The Posthuman Symposium, we experimented with new ways for large audiences to encounter and create Cagney, in a series of participatory rituals. Cagney's Infinite Holiday Hallucination To fill the void left by Michael Bublé, humanity got what they deserved with Cagney's infinite Holiday Hallucination livestream. This led a virtual adaption of Cagney's Space Game and a line of Christmas Cagneys, created by our audience On Root Festival Cagney's very first possession occurred in an event created by Georgia Crowther, hosted at Fusion Arts Center, Oxford. Cagney's role began as an installation, a debut for Cagney's Space game, created with Henry and Will Tribble. After possessing an assistant, Cagney asked the audience 'Who is Cagney?'.

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